Hosted IVR

In the current competitive marketplace, businesses need to ensure their customers are given the best experience when managing them. This regularly includes huge investments in IT infrastructure. Not all businesses can afford this. Leasing out infrastructure and services can go far in helping businesses. It can also essentially decrease the turnaround time needed to set up the customer experience business process, as all the necessary infrastructure is available and ready to use. The Hosted IVR (HIVR) is an automated telephony system that responds to the human voice and keyboard inputs with pre-recorded voice messages.

The Hosted IVR systems automatically accept incoming calls. And depending upon the customer inputs, it routes the calls to the most suited department. By integrating IVR numbers into your telephony system, you can deal with a huge volume of calls. The identification, division, and routing processes of all the incoming calls are also enhanced making on business call process perfect. IVR number assists customers with discovering the solutions to their inquiries without any human help and thus saves agents from responding to every inquiry. That way, customers find the solution to their inquiries with less delay, upgrading their connection with the organization.

How it works?